Now available in .PDF format! Eyeworks Photography: The Art of Color and Light


Eyeworks: The Art of Color and LightPDF format picture book of the photographic work of Brian DeMint.

View on any computer with Adobe Acrobat and/or any tablet or phone with a .pdf viewer!

All That Glitters
Through a Glass Darkly

ONLY $5.00!

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Eyeworks Photography is a fashion and fine art photographer based in Joplin, Missouri. Formally trained as a figurative oil painter, I made the switch to photography in 2004 and I am self educated in both photography and digital manipulation. By combining the classic elements of design with the digital technologies of today, I strive to create visually striking imagery with emphasis on expressive color and provides clients with a unique and creative look in a fashion, beauty, fine art or glamour motif.

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