Introducing Eyeworks new intern: Gwendolyn Leggott

Gwendolyn Leggott is a senior at Missouri Southern State University studying theater and art. Originally from Texas, she and her family moved to Missouri shortly before her eighth birthday. From a young age Gwen’s mom knew she was going do something artistic. From drawing all over the walls to playing runway with her Barbies, she always demonstrated her artistic flare.

Since her sophomore year of high school, Gwen knew what she wanted to do: makeup. While performing Cats, with her former dance company, she realized her passion for makeup. However, recently she has discovered her love for photography. Even before her Digital Photography class at MSSU, she always had a camera in her purse. Now it is the same, she just upgraded to a digital SLR. So combining all those, Gwendolyn wants to do it all: photography, makeup, and hair.

“I believe that Gwendolyn will be a huge benefit to the studio as she has knowlege from theater and makeup abilities that we haven’t explored at Eyeworks in the past… looking very forward to working with her and a huge welcome to the studio buddy!” Brian/Eyeworks

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